The Watchers of the Sky Initiative develops and supports genocide prevention programs, education and advocacy campaigns.   Through collaborative partnerships, the Initiative seeks to create an understanding of how individuals, communities and institutions can impact change and become the voice for the forgotten faces of injustice.   The Initiative seeks to build a global community of ‘watchers’.    


What is a Watcher of the Sky?

n. (WoTS) an individual who recognizes the moral imperative of ending cycles of violence &/or works to improve the quality of life for forgotten populations.
One of the Initiative ‘s newest programs addresses the needs of communities in the aftermath of genocide or other crimes against humanity.  WoTS helps communities rebuild by working with organizations to apply a holistic approach – addressing political and legal issues to pursue justice, humanitarian assistance, advocacy to build global awareness, and cultural preservation -- so victims of violence are not forgotten voices of the past, but active participants of the future.



The award-winning documentary film Watchers of the Sky inspired the Initiative.   The film examines the cycles of mass violence, - and the world’s response to them, - from multiple angles – historical, psychological, political, legal, and experiential.’ WATCHERS OF THE SKY takes the viewer on an unforgettable journey, from Nuremberg to Rwanda, from Bosnia to Darfur, and from apathy to action.  The film’s characters share the belief that despite seemingly intractable obstacles, individuals still have the power to be active change-makers and collectively, an empowered citizenship can work together to end cycles of violence and hold perpetrators accountable for their crimes.